We at WABCO SA are fully committed to supporting any fleet operator that operates trailers fitted with a WABCO vehicle control or brake system. Our Fleet Support Program includes:

Specialised Training:

  •  Hands on practical training including fault finding. Training is offered for technicians on the fleet’s own vehicles
  • Basic Air Brake courses including truck and all trailer types
  • Electronic Brake System training including ABS, EBS and other advanced control systems
  • Driver Awareness - practical tips to improve safety and reduce costs.
  • Diagnostic and test equipment training

Technical Information:

  • Brake System Check and Survey Lists
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Product Data Sheets and Bulletins
  • Quick Reference Parts Catalogue
  • Technical Manuals

Technical Advice:

  • Compiling a comprehensive brake spec as per the fleet's application for future trailer builds
  • Truck / Trailer Compatibility testing (incompatibility causes irregular disk / drum wear)
  • Access to our Rolling Road and test facilities for advanced fault finding and vehicle investigations
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